The WiFi dongle

It gets fairly warm! Also, reception does not seem to be as good as my other wireless devices. So lets take a closer look. On the front of the WiFi stick There is a big G and on the back a label with the FCC ID NDD 9573180610. Using that number and the FCC website you can obtain the FCC Test documents which provide detailed information.

  • Manufacturer’s company: EDIMAX TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
  • Product Name: 802.11g Turbo Wireless LAN USB Adapter
  • Model (Brand) Name EW-7318UG V3.0 (EDIMAX) / GWU-E18G (GLP)
Penbex USB Dongle

Penbex USB Dongle

We are dealing with an Edimax EW-7318UG. From the picture (taken from the FCC report) it is clear that it is using the RT2571 chipset. Also, The RomFS directory /etc/Wireless/Rt73sta seems to contain the driver. So, if the stick ever dies or you just want to try a different stick then one with the same chipset should work without problems.

9 thoughts on “The WiFi dongle

  1. Alan

    I have a problem with my wifi setting(centrios internet radio). It don’t remeber(sometimes) the login while i unplung the power line(or shutdown by pressing the power button for 3-5 secondes). Do you know where’s the setting stored and it’s maintain by a rechargeable battery ?

  2. Владимир Христов

    Well, I bought a couple of USB sticks with the same FCC ID with no success.
    Can’t Penbex add more drivers in the next firmware?
    Drivers for more popular makes and models of USB Wi-Fi dongles ???
    I have already two sound systems without a wireless connection.

  3. Владимир Христов

    Well, I think the boat has not sunk completely yet.
    I found those two WIFI USB Dongles for sale in the US (I am sure they will be awailable on other continents as well): Edimax EW-7318UG & EW-7318USG (tha latter I think is tha same except for the extended range antenna) …

    1. penbex Post author

      I have tried the USG and eventhough it has the same firmware it does not work with the device.


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