Monthly Archives: May 2009

Personal favorites and an update

I have figured out an easy way to get your personal favorites on the device. The favorites are stored at the server and are available through the station list. The server gives you the option to manage your favorites (add/delete/move/copy from the country lists,  etc.) and there should not be any real limitation to the number of stations in your favorites list. The VTuner service uses a somewhat similar concept.

Setting up the server is progressing well. Some of you have checked it out already. Keep in mind that I am working on it at times and things might suddenly change. Right now I am creating import and export functions so that the database at the server is actually connected to the lists that the radio uses.

Regarding the firmware, I hope to release firmwares that will use the new server in the next couple of days, it depends a bit on how much time I have to work on it.

Soon more..