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Request (Technisat Internet Radio 1 IR-1 and Lenco IR-1650)

If you happen to have the Technisat InternetRadio 1 aka IR-1 or a Lenco IR-1650 and you want to help, please contact me through email at
Aim: upgrade the devices to 10.000+ stations and full freedom in adding your own..

In its early days the Lenco IR-1650 was supported through the Radioslots portal. The manufacturer used a poor ripoff of the Receiva Internet radio boards.
The Radioslots portal vanished, so did the manufacturer. I have contacted Lenco and offered them a free replacement service. They did not want to fix their radios. They only offered to take back my IR-1650 as it still had warranty on it. Other owners of this radio had less luck, they are stuck with a dead device. My only advice is: never buy a Lenco device. Too bad as this could have been resolved in a matter of hours…

How to deteremine your Penbex Radio model

In order to pick the right firmware upgrade file you need to know what firmware you currently have.
Turn on your radio and go to the setup screen. Select [Information] and scroll down to the OS Version.
The OS Version is your full model name.

My Neon N-1004 displays: “KW-1004- build 09/12/08-1744” which means that it is using the standard KW-1004 firmware branch. The Centrios identifies as: “KW-1315117- build 09/12/08-1746”. The IPMicro: “KW-1004-IPMICRO- build 09/12/08-1744” which is a slightly modified KW-1004 version. So far I have not really found a reason why there are so many different firmware versions. It might have something to do with localization. I have firmware for most of the Penbex radios. So if you have a model that is not listed yet on this page or on the forum, let me know.