Technisat InternetRadio1 (IR1) work in progress..

Holidays are over so back to the projects.. I was able to get an IR1 🙂
So far, I logged and analyzed Internet traffic and analyzed the firmware files.
It happens that the mainboard of the IR1 is a Bridgeco DM830 board which is close to what is used in some Philips (SL1100), Grundig and Terratec Noxon models.
I have already modified the server to correctly reply to the IR1’s inquireries. However, this was done by redirecting traffic and thus not a permanant solution.
In order to have the radios work in a regular way they need to be laoded with modified firmware.

Next I modified the firmware of the IR1 and tried to apply it but that crashed the radio. Right now it only displays “HTTP://…” when it tries to boot and then seems to hang.
I have removed the mainboard from the case and it is now waiting for the next step, a recovery through the serial console. I will post some photos and technical details as soon as possible.
More to follow..

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