Technisat InternetRadio1 – Part 3

It turned out that there is another recovery possibility. By holding the reset switch and turning on power and keeping reset pressed for 8 more seconds I can get back into the recovery menu. I have reflashed the device and its working again. Now back to making modifications.
I am still looking for firmware files for the SMC WAA-G and Philips Streamium SL1100 firmwares.

2 thoughts on “Technisat InternetRadio1 – Part 3

  1. Tonydash

    The hardware looks like it’s the same as the Philips SLA5500 / SLA5520 (also based on the bridgeco DM630 SoC). On this 1st gen streamium only the wireless interface is designed. But the board has also a serial and other (jtag?) interface.

    I’m looking for the datasheet of the DM630 (SDK would be even better), but BridgeCo has a no end-user customer support for their chips. And their website does not provide enough info.

  2. Craig

    Did you ever find the firmware for those boxes? I can’t find anything on an SL1100, but perhaps it is the same model as the NP1100.

    Anyway, some hints based on my previous experience with Streamiums. The ones that connect to a home network / Philips backend (i.e. website) would typically also perform a check to see whether or not they had the latest firmware (which can be specified by attempting to check for upgrade in the menu system on the device). The check would go to the Philips backend for the firmware.

    These connections, while over HTTP, are encrypted and thus the firmware that gets downloaded is also encrypted. So, you most likely wouldn’t be able to just hook up a logging proxy to obtain the file straight off the bat. Also, if your device has the latest firmware already, then it won’t download anything. Finally, Philips updated its backend within the past couple of years and removed a bit of support for older devices (like the SL50i).

    Have you had any success connecting a JTAG to your Streamium device? I’d love to hear an update.


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