Listenlive firmware

The “Listenlive” firmware is a replacement firmware for Internet Radio devices that are build by the Chinese company SkyTC and are sold under various brand names. SkyTC delivers these radios with a poor firmware and no real support. Also the database that these radios get their station lists from is often outdated.
Some of the popular brand names are Mediabox 135, Arnova WebRadio & TV, Xoro HMT350 HMT370, LinePro, Pearl Auvisio IPTV2335 (PX-8595), Wiwa eRTV208, Otek IPTV510, Envivo PO1119 PO1171 PO1235, Disgo TVGo, Vista Quest, Xenta KMP510, Foxman, Apex, Cayenne, Roxcore, Aigo, Lookeetv etc. The firmware offers many additional features compared to the original firmware. for more information and support questions visit our website


4 thoughts on “Listenlive firmware

    1. penbex Post author

      All files can be downloaded from my website ( you need to register there first but that is free.

      1. heinz-peter pridoehl

        I tried to register, but i was told it is denied to open the register page.
        Looking for a firmware update for my arnova kmp511

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