Penbex replacement firmware

The Taiwanese company Penbex has created several Internet radio models. The company went bankrupt and there is no longer any form of support for the devices that they created. These devices are sold under various brand names: DMTech, Watson, ctiradio, Joybien, eradio, KW-1004, HipShing, Goodmans, Proline, Neon, Clas Ohlson, Orchard, Yusan, Zylux, Logik, Sabre, MPMan, Uptoday, LA302, Olympia, Centrios, Amitech, Odys, Forworld2, Boom, VEGA, Pbirkit, IRM8001, Lafayette, DNT IPMicro, Akira, SL-D960, GP-60X, PBXBoom2-SI, Pbirkit2, Konig HAV-20/21/22 etc.
To know if your Internet radio is a Penbex device, a good indicator is that they used to connect to the “WorldRadio” portal.
We have modified firmwares for various models that will make your radio work with the ListenLive database.
Most recently a firmware for the König models has been released. Check for more information our website and forums on

4 thoughts on “Penbex replacement firmware

  1. András Bán

    Hi William,
    Could you help us -the DMTECH – Kingsun owners- too, please?
    Our radio sets started to tend garbage..
    Thank you very much in advance.

      1. András Bán

        It says: KINGSUN (only!)
        on the User Manual: 2009/10/19 Ver 1.9.1.

  2. penbex Post author

    Get the kingsun firmware from my server… update and you will be listening music again..


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