New firmware for Penbex Radios which will restore functionality!

A while ago the Worldstation server went down for good.
Yes, it will noit be back. The company is bankrupt and the erver is gone.
I have released new firmware for the Penbex radios that will restore functionality.
After the firmware upgrade you can use your radio again!

Firmware has been released for most models (among others: Centrios, Kenwin, IPMicro, Odys, Goodmans …), if a version for your model is not released then leave a message and I will get it done asap.

18 thoughts on “New firmware for Penbex Radios which will restore functionality!

    1. penbex Post author

      Either you upgraded before to the generic KW1004 firmware meaning you have to upgrade again with that firmware.. or when the file is rejected because the USB is not recognized.. you need to find a 2gb or less usb stick and use that..

  1. Manrico Casagrande

    I have tried all firmware you put in your web to replace Penbex, but they do not work in my Fenda Ravon W231 (model name Phaedora) OS: Fenda-
    When try to update, firmware seems to be accepted, but still the “worldstation” menu is same and message is “service not available”. And in the information still is shown OS: Fenda-

    Any possibility to have a firmware compatible with my product?
    We hove sold few hundreds pieces in Italian market and would like to solve the internet radio problems for our customers.

    Thank you and my appreciation for your work.

      1. Manrico Casagrande

        Thank you for your information. I am looking forward to find new firmware on line and download the new firmware and put on Ravon internet radio to make them work again. Thank you very much
        Manrico Casagrande – Audio 4 & C – Italy

      2. Manrico Casagrande

        As of today I still cannot find new firmware for Fenda in the “files” from web. Am I looking in the right place? The last update is dated 3-21-2014. When the new Fenda firmware will be on line? Or do I have to look for it in different place? Thank you for your answer if you have time.

      3. penbex Post author

        We have created an alternative so that you do not need to update the firmware!

      4. Manrico Casagrande

        I reply here because in last post I do not find the “reply” function. I really appreciate your message and your effort and deeply thank you also in name of all my customers for the brilliant solution. This reply concern Fenda Phaedora internet radio Ravon W231 Phaedora: OS: FENDA- I have tested the Fenda product and now it is able to receive internet radio again.
        I only ask you one question.
        In the past the menu of iRadio was offering two options: Location or Genre.

        Now the iRadio menu gives 3 options: Favorites, World Station, SHOUTCast
        Favorites are the memorized stations in the product, and SHOUTCast is not working.
        Then, if I choose World Station I get two menu: Location and MyFavorites
        If I choose Location, first option I get a list starting with MyFavorites and then a list of continents, Africa, Asia, etc and last two are “Internet Only” (here I can get 24 stations) and last is “Podcast”
        If I choose MyFavorites I get a long list of numbers and/or names (735), each of them has some choice. Or I can choose Africa, Asia etc. and I go from each continent to countries.
        If I choose MyFavorites from first menu I get same results as MyFavorites in second menu.

        In simple words, I cannot find the possibility of choose GENRE in any menu or submenu of Internet radio. Is this the right operation mode or I am missing some point?
        Thank you. Regards Manrico Casagrande

  2. Renald Soucy

    why it does’nt work with a sd card… says PAS D’APPAREIL…no card, no device it don’t recocgnized the sd card….only USB sitck works ????? thank you

  3. Daniel

    I too need a firmware compatible with, Fenda Ravon W231 (model name Phaedora) OS: Fenda-
    Any chance of getting one of these?



    1. penbex Post author

      No more need for alternative firmware.. It will work with the Original firmware again.. but now with our database!

  4. Mo

    Hi there,
    I’m searching for a update for an Olympia Radio 300.
    I still tried the generic Firmware from the page.
    The Radio start the update and reboot directly. But without any effect.
    Is there still annother Firmware avaiable?

    1. penbex Post author

      It will work again with the original firmware, see the most recent post for more information


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