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All Penbex manufactured Internet Radios working again!

We ( have finally created a solution that allows any Penbex manufactured Internet Radio to connect and use our database.

Previously, firmware updates were required but this is no longer the case.
Our new solution works with the original firmware! Penbex manufactured Internet radios for, among others:
Neon, Akira, IPMicro, König, DNT, Centrios, Amitech, Kingsun, Fenda, Odys, Olympia, Cobra MC609, Lafayette, Vega, Sabre, MPMan, IR9003, Kinyo, Sixpack, JW, Elton, Forworld and many other brands
These Internet radios were manufactured until the end of 2010 but they were sold long after 2010 by dealers and retailers.

If your Internet Radio was using the so called “WorldStation” Internet Radio portal located at  then it is for sure a Penbex Internet Radio and you can enjoy it again with our database.

Visit for more information, creating a personal favorites list and more things…